Why you should respond to the demand for environmentally friendly products 9 Jul. 2019

Why do you need sustainable promotional gifts? You may not be concerned about the environment at all (stupid, if we may say so), but it is still worthwhile to opt for sustainable gifts. Why? It´s actually quite simple: the consumer wants it and when you choose eco-friendly promotional gifts, your reputation increases, according to research by Unilever.

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We're nominated for best .eu website! 18 Jun. 2019

Our Greengiving.eu customers are something special. We are originally a Dutch company, but started a few years ago with a Europe-oriented website in English because we noticed people from all over Europe were interested in our sustainable business gifts. And our efforts paid off, since the website has been nominated for the .eu Web Awards, where prizes are awarded for the best .eu websites. Please read further if you'd like to win a cake.

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Everything you need to know about seedpaper 27 May. 2019

There you are, with a piece of seedpaper in your hand. You have just given it away to your customers and now they are asking all kinds of question you have no idea about. Or maybe you received it from a business partner and you think it's a very nice idea, but you miss the green hands. No problem, we will help you out by telling exactly what you need to do to turn your seedpaper into a flower bed.

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