Waterbottles printed

We are specialist in printed waterbottles. Popular waterbottles are Retulp bottles and sportbottles. Retulp bottles have a great design, are easy to (re)use and are available in several models like thermos bottles and 'normal' single wall bottles. Each Retulp bottle ensures that 1000 times the content in drinking water is donated to developing countries. Every Retulp bottle is delivered with the Retulp message attached, so your business relations clearly see that you care for others. 

Thermos bottles

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Luxury drinking bottles

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Sport waterbottles

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Reusable drinking bottles

Besides these two types the assortment consists of even more bottles. We also deliver (stainless steel) canteens, thermos flasks and travel bottles and all sorts of other waterbottles which can be used long lasted and that work against the use of PET-bottles. Do you also take care of the world and do you want to show that in your gifts or promotion articles? Then you are at the right address at Greengiving.


Waterbottles printed with your logo

Just like all other products at Greengiving the waterbottles can also be printed with your logo or text. For most of the bottles this is possible up to four colours or even full colour. You may bring up the design for this by yourself. The information about printing is shown per product.