Branded eco USB sticks

Sometimes you have files that are too big for sharing via email. That's where a USB stick comes in handy. The Greengiving USB sticks are made of cardboard, wood, bamboo or wheat straw. These all are biodegradable materials, which makes our USB sticks sustainable products. At the same time they are fantastic practical giveaways.

Eco USB sticks

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Wooden USB sticks

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Cardboard USB sticks

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Eco USB sticks printed

Our customized USBs can be used for all sorts of events and marketing campaigns. We've got USBs that are ideal for giveaways, as well as more luxury USB sticks that make perfect professional gifts. You can have the USBs printed with your logo in up to three colours. Or would you rather engrave your USB by means of laser beams? If you opt for engraving, the engraving takes on the background colour, which creates a luxury look. If you opt for printing with ink, you can choose your own colours. Of course you can also choose for and unbranded USB stick.


Durable USB sticks wood and cardboard

Branded memory sticks are compact and can fit into any client’s pockets, plus they’re totally reusable. And as you know, sustainability is a big thing here at Greengiving. That is why our USB sticks are made of recycled cardboard or FSC certified wood. We've also got USBs made of bamboo or wheat straw. This turns our USB sticks into real eco products. Most USB sticks come standard with 2 or 4 GB storage space, but we also have items with a storage of 8 GB. You can opt for folded USB sticks, a USB with neck string or a key ring. With some USBs you can even choose between dark or light wood.


Order branded USB sticks

You can easily order your customized USB sticks online on our website. Of course you can also request a quote first. After you've uploaded your artwork, we will provide you with a free digital proof. The printing process is not started until you've approved of the visual. Have you got any questions about our branded USBs? Please feel free to contact Laura Ruitenberg via +31342 745 776 or We're happy to help!