Eco Christmas presents or end-of-year gifts

Your employees, business associates and clients deserve to be appreciated. Give your thank-you message some extra power with a unique Christmas present or end-of-year gift. Are you having hard times to come up with something original? Stop thinking about it yourself, and leave it to Greengiving to create the perfect sustainable gift.   

Corporate Christmas gifts

It's nice to be able to give your employees, business partners or clients something special. Something that will leave a lasting impression. That's why you should go for a gift with a sustainable story, which makes people feel good. Discover our Christmas collection with beautiful gift sets, edible gifts such as Tony's Chocolonely, Christmas cards and special gifts like the Sprout pencil with seeds for growing a spruce.


Sustainable end-of-year presents

Originality is key. Therefore our sustainable business gifts are the way to go. Would you like a customized Dopper bottle or Tony's Chocolonely bar as a giveaway? No problem, we can print it with your logo or text and the result is an exclusive end of the year gift. In addition, with sustainable gifts like these you can contribute to an eco-friendly environment. We've also got various gift sets that contain a Dopper bottle, filled with Tiny Tony chocolates, wrapped in a nice bag or gift box.


Compose your festive Christmas gift

Do you prefer to choose multiple products and put them together in a gift pack? That's also possible with us. Our wooden boxes or seed paper bags are perfectly for that purpose. Our sales specialists can give you professional advice. We will do everything to make sure your Christmas gift fits your company. By composing a gift pack with multiple sustainable products, you can show your clients and employees how valuable they are to you. 


Seed paper Christmas cards

Would you like to add a little extra to your gift? Or are you planning to send a thank-you note to your business contacts? Then a seed paper Christmas card is the way to go. The card consists of two thin paper layers with seeds in between. It can be put in the soil and after a while, the seeds will germinate and your contacts can enjoy beautiful summer flowers, vegetables or herbs, as a remainder of your Christmas wish. 


Order promotional Christmas gifts

Creating a Christmas gift pack is easy. Add the product you would like in your basket. Then upload your artwork and place the order. You will receive a free digital print proof before we start printing. We will not start printing until you have approved the print proof. This way, the Christmas gift will perfectly suit your wishes. 


Have you got any questions about sustainable Christmas gifts? Please get in touch with Laura Ruitenberg via +31342 745776 or We're happy to help!