All you need to know about supplying artwork

What format do I need to provide my artwork in?

You can upload your artwork in the following formats:

  • Vector AI file (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Vector .EPS file
  • Vector PDF file
  • JPEG or PNG (please note this is only possible for certain products, such as seed paper)

What is a vector file and how do I get it?

A vector file is a graphic that consists of vectors that can be enlarged or reduced endlessly, without losing visual acuity. That's why these files are most suitable for editing artwork.


You can often request a vector file at the company that designed your logo. If you do not have a vector file, our colleagues can help you out. Please get in touch for the options.

How do I transform a text into outlines?

Your logo or text usually comes a specific font, which is part of your corporate identity. Each font has its own file, but not all of these files are on our computer. If your font file is not in our system, the text will automatically be converted to a different font. To prevent that from happening, we work with letter contours (outlines).


In programmes such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, you can convert the text to outlines by selecting the text and then clicking Text > Create Outlines in the menu bar (or use Ctrl + Shift + O). Save this file and send it to us. Need help? Let us know!

When do I upload my artwork?

  • Directly online when you place an order or request a quote.
  • In reply to the email 'copy quote' or 'order copy'.
  • By sending an email to, stating your company name and the order number.

How do I upload more than one file at the same time?

Press 'ctrl' or 'cmd' and select the files you want to upload. If that doesn't work properly, you can also send an email containing your artwork.

In which cases can I upload my artwork in JPEG or PNG?

You can upload these formats only for certain products that are digitally printed (such as seed paper). It's not possible for other printing techniques, since it can cause degraded print quality.


Would you like to know whether it's possible to upload a JPEG or PNG for your order? Please get in touch with our sales specialists.

Do I use PMS-colours or CMYK-colours?

For both one and multi coloured printing we usually use PMS-colours. Full colour artwork can also be supplied in CMYK-colours. Are you not sure about the colours which are used in your logo? We're happy to help.


You can also check the colours on Please note: the ink of a PMS colour is always the same. The material of the product can absorb the ink in different ways, so colour differences can occur.

I noticed different printing techniques that are used. Can you tell more about that?

Of course, in this blog you can read everything you need to know about pad printing, screen printing, laser engraving and digital printing.

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