Ruler printed

The relationship with your relations cannot be measured. Neither does the value of such a good tire. To symbolize that, it is a great idea to give away a ruler. The practical usefulness of your company becomes clear once again when you give away a wooden or brightly coloured ruler. We are happy to help you!


Flexible ruler | 30 cm

  • From 250 pieces
  • Available in 9 colours

From 11 October



Bamboo ruler

15 cm

From 1 October



Wooden ruler | 30 cm

  • From 100 pieces

From 5 October



Wooden ruler 30 cm

  • From 100 pieces

From 11 October



Branded durable ruler

We all need to measure things every now and then. A ruler always comes in handy, both for yound and old. Greengiving has a wide range of eco rulers, such as a scale ruler or a woorden ruler of 15 or 30 centimeters long. In terms of appearance, you've got plenty of choice. Are you opting for a sustainable wooden ruler, a ruler made of bamboo or a sustainable ruler made from recycled PET plastic? The latter is available in joyous colours, such as green, light green, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue, black and white. In addition, you will also find a flexible ruler which is bendable and cannot break. For those who really want something special, we have the ruler pen, which looks like a wooden, square pen with a scale on it. This is an original giveaway that will make a good impression at fairs and congresses.


Flexible, coloured rulers with logo

All rulers can be printed with your own logo or text, which makes them an excellent promotional gift. Whenever your relations or employees use the ruler, they are reminded of your company. The rulers can be printed in up to 3 PMS-colours, and the wooden ruler pen can even be engraved. That creates an extra luxurious look!


Order branded eco rulers

All our rulers are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. You will leave a lasting impression on your clients with such a responsible merchandise. You can easily order branded rulers online on our website or request a quote first. After you've uploaded your artwork, we will provide you with a free digital proof.


Have you got any questions about the office items printed with your logo? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Laura Ruitenberg via +31342 745776 or