• 21 February 2024
  • reading time 3 min.

6 gift ideas for International Nurses Day

People in care are indispensable! That is why it is important to show appreciation for the work they do. Put care workers in the spotlight during International Nurses Day, on May 12. Thank nurses, doctors, home care workers, volunteers and others for the energy they put into caring for others. We would love to help you come up with the perfect thank you for the International Nurses Day!

There are many ways to thank someone. But if you really want to make an impact with your gift, give something that is good for the planet! In this way, you take care of the environment. And you give a fair and high-quality gift.


Fairtrade chocolate from Tony's Chocolonely

Chocolate always makes you feel good. Of course, this certainly applies to Tony's Chocolonely slave-free, fair-trade chocolate. The range of Tony's Chocolonely products is now quite extensive, so the choice is vast. Popular are the chocolate bars with a wrapper featuring your own design.



Hydrate with a brand new Dopper

Working in healthcare is strenuous, so it is important that your employees stay well hydrated. Have your logo, text or even personal name printed on the Dopper and surprise your employees with a beautiful, reusable bottle. Bonus: you prevent disposable plastic from ending up in our oceans.



Say 'thank you' with seed paper

One of our most popular green gifts is growing paper. An original way to thank your employees and give some flowers at the same time. The card made of seedpaper can be put in the ground and after a few weeks beautiful flowers will grow. For the card, you can of course provide your own design.



Take care of your care workers

Care workers spend whole days caring for others, how nice is that? You can give something back by letting them know that it is also good to take a moment for yourself every now and then. For example, give this organic soap set or a caring lip balm.




A hot cup of coffee

Never again will your coffee or tea go cold because an urgent work demand came along just after pouring the cup. With a coffee-to-go cup or thermos bottle, you make sure your care workers can always enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, on the road or on the job! You can complete the gift by filling the cup with delicious chocolates from Tony's Chocolonely.


Shine a light on their great work

Sunflowers always do well as gifts. If you give your caring staff a bag of seeds, they can grow their own flowers and find out that anything you give attention to grows! Handy to send or hand out.


You've probably already come across a great idea, and if you haven't, we're happy to help! If you order in March or April, you will have your giveaways in time to put all the amazing care workers in the spotlight on May the 12th.