Seasonal gifts

As a company, it is a great idea to respond to the season we're living in. Whether it is winter, spring, summer or autumn, there is always a matching business gift to think of. We've put together a collection of eco gifts for every season. Browse through these pages and find your perfect seasonal business gift!

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Spring, summer, winter and autumn business gifts

Why choose for seasonal gifts? First of all, your clients or business relations can use them directly, which makes the gift relevant and highly practical useful. Also, many seasonal items are associated with a certain feeling. You can address this by giving something that enlarges this special feeling. Not only when Christmans or the end of the year is getting closer, but also in other seasons business gifts are highly appreciated. That's why we've got a collection of gifts for every season. All spring gifts, summer gifts, autumn gifts and winter gifts are sustainable and eco-friendly!


Sustainable seasonal gifts

For spring, anything to do with seeds, flowers, bees and birds is fun to give. Seed paper, for example, is a great gift, but a seed bag with flower or herbal seeds of your choice will also be appreciated. Spring can still be a bit cold, so a birdhouse is also a nice and practical gift. When it's summer, help your relations stay hydrated by giving away a water bottle with an infuser in which fresh fruit can be put. Your relations will probably go out there, so an elegant travel bag made of recycled material or a nice cool bag is a great idea. Prepare your business relations for the stormy weather in autumn, by giving them a sturdy storm umbrella. In the winter you can help people stay warm by giving them a thermos, hat or ice scraper.


Order branded seasonal gifts

The great news is that every product can be printed with your logo or text. This can often be done in several PMS colours or even full colour. This creates a surprising business gift that is both striking and durable. Surprise your business relations with a gift that suits them. You can easily order your gifts online on our website. After you've uploaded your artwork, we will send you a free digital proof. We won't start the printing process until after you have approved the proof.


Have you got any questions about our branded seasonal gifts? Please get in touch with Laura Ruitenberg through +31342 745 776 or Our product specialist will be happy to think along with you!