Hi! We're Greengiving. 


At Greengiving, we have mission. We want to enable organizations to grow consciously with a focus on people and the environment. By means of our gifts with a maximum attention value but a minimal impact on the environment, you can grow your business and at the same time make your business relationships more sustainable. We quickly deliver eco-friendly gifts in every country within Europe and guarantee an excellent service. Since 2009!


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Environmentally friendly

We believe it is important not only to sell sustainable products, but also to implement this in our business operations. That is why we work from an energy-neutral office: our energy comes from our own solar panels and we do not have access to gas.
We also try to minimize the use of plastic in the packaging of products, to mention a few ways we contribute to a clean environment.
In addition, we try to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible when transporting our products. This means that we minimize the number of flight movements and compensate where this is necessary. For road transport, we only work with transportation partners that work energy-efficient and environmentally consious.



GreenGiving principles

What's in a name: Green-giving. But what does this practically mean? Our most important values are: 

  • All our products are free from child labour.
  • All our products are reused and/or reusable.
  • All our products are BPA-free.
  • All our products are shipped to our customers in an environmentally conscious way.
  • All our products are green, sustainable and ecologically friendly.


Competitive prices and fast delivery

Greengiving supplies sustainable promotional gifts at competitive prices. Fair products at a fair price is what Greengiving stands for! In addition, we deliver your order as quickly as possible to the address you want. Do you need the product even faster? An express delivery is no problem.