Printing on bamboo bottles

A luxurious bamboo bottle is a practical and sustainable promotional gift. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass variety and does not require much water for production. By printing the drinking bottles with your logo or text, you give a boost to your company! It is a promotional gift that your customers and relations will certainly appreciate.


Bamboo travel mug

Minimum order amount 100 pieces | 270 ml

From 10 December



Bamboo travel bottle

minimum order amount 100 pcs | insulated

From 10 December



Bamboo thermos bottle with tea filter

SS cap | 420 ml

From 10 December



Water bottle glass

530 ml | bamboo cap

From 14 December



Water bottle of glass 420 ml

with bamboo cap | packed in eco box

From 14 December




Drinking bottle with a luxurious look

Bamboo gives drinking bottles a luxurious look. Greengiving has various bamboo bottles in its range, such as a transparent drinking bottle, but also a thermos bottle or travel bottle. In addition, there are also travel cups, which are easy to drink on the go. Often the bamboo exterior is combined with a stainless steel interior to keep your drink at the right temperature.


Bamboo thermos or travel mug with logo

A bamboo thermos bottle or travel cup is very suitable to give away as a promotional gift. Your employees or relations will probably be on the road enough and then want to take a drink with you. With a bamboo drinking bottle, it doesn't matter if they take coffee, tea or water with them. Furthermore, each drinking bottle has a beautiful design, but you can give the bottle an even more luxurious look by printing it with an appropriate design. This can be your logo, or any other message, but with a print or engraving you really give a personal gift that is highly appreciated by your relations.


Bamboo drinking bottle as a promotional gift

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