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Cardboard pens

Cardboards pens printed at Greengiving. 80% of the labour force writes daily with a ballpoint-pen. Nice if a pen with your logo is at the office of your relationships! It is a perfect way to come constant to the attention of your relationships. Therefore, choose for the cardboard pen and let it be printed with clear print by Greengiving.


Cardboard ballpoint pen, blue ink

most sold | different colours

From 5 June



Environmentally friendly ballpoint pen with cardboard body

blue ink | the cheapest

From 9 June



Ballpoint and pencil set

In eco friendly case

From 11 September



Cardboard pens printed with logo

Do you not only find it important that your organization comes to the attention, but also that you deal responsibly with the environment? Then, choose for one of the cardboard pens of Greengiving. Our cardboard pens are for more than 50% biodegradable and the plastic parts of the pen are made of recycled plastic. Show your relationships that you not only care for them, but also for the environment!