Tony's Chocolonely with logo

Who doesn't like it: Tony's Chocolonely as a promotional gift is extremely popular and that is a good sign. Tony's mission to make all chocolate 100% slave free is greatly helped by this. The Fairtrade chocolate is therefore often given away as a promotion or promotional gift. By the possibility of a full color wrapper with your logo in your own design, you can create your very own gift!


Double Tony's Chocolonely (180 + 180 grams) | FC wrapping

360 gr. chocolate in the taste of your choice

From 2 October



Tiny Tony | per 2 boxes

Honest and delicious giveaway with FC logo

From 2 October



Double Tony's Chocolonely (50 + 50 grams) | FC wrapping

50gr. | 6 different flavours

From 2 October




Print Tony's Chocolonely own wrap

The full-colour wrap with your own design on it, makes for a striking whole. Take that chance and give away the Tony's Chocolonely bars to advertise in a responsible and effective way. You can choose from large bars of 180 grams or small strips of 50 grams. These can also be ordered double in a wrapper, creating a nice package. At a fair and event you score with personalized Tony's bars!


Responsible, slave-free and Fairtrade chocolate

Tony's Chocolonely is of course known for the fact that they want to produce fair trade chocolate. Their mission is to make the chocolate world 100% slave free, so that cocoa farmers also get a fair price for their products. In combination with the delicious taste of the chocolate, the Fairtrade Tony's Chocolonely is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to their toppers, they always release new (limited edition) flavors, milk, pure, caramel sea salt and hazelnut, so that the brand continues to innovate. A huge success formula that you as a company can easily tap into to strengthen your image. Because who doesn't love honest chocolate?


Order Tony's Chocolonely with print

When you are convinced that this is indeed a perfect promotional gift or ideal to give away at a fair or event, you can easily order the desired number of bars via the website. This is possible in a small edition from 35 pieces! In the comments field you can add a possible. indicate the mix of flavors and after ordering you can upload your design on the wrapper. Then we make a free digital proof, so you can see if the printing is as desired. We will only start the printing process after you have agreed. You will receive your order free of charge within five working days!


Are you unable to choose between all different flavors or do you have another question? Please contact us +31 342 745 770 or mail to