Printed shower timer

These practical shower coaches will save your clients a lot of time and money. It is a wonderful way to convey the message that everything is scarce and that we use water economically. This makes the shower timer a sustainable eye-opener! All the shower coaches in our range can be printed with your company logo to make it a great sustainable giveaway.


Multi-functional hourglass

  • From 100 pieces
  • Available in 4 colours

From 4 January

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Shower timer 5 minutes

  • From 150 pieces

From 22 December

Shower timer 3 hourglasses

  • From 25 pieces

From 21 December


  • From 50 pieces

Temporarily unavailable

Shower timer

  • From 50 pieces

Temporarily unavailable

Shower coach hourglass

  • From 50 pieces

Temporarily unavailable

Why a shower coach?

The average person allows the water to flow for 8.5 minutes per shower. When your client adheres to the timer of the shower coach, so 5 minutes, he quickly saves 42 liters of hot water at a time. In a household of three people, this can add up to savings of no less than 14,000 liters of water, 100 m3 of gas and 125 euros per year. That saves a lot, doesn't it? That's why you can make a difference by giving these sustainable shower times away to your clients. This eco-friendly gesture also boosts your brand.


Branded shower timer as corporate gift

Our shower coaches can be ordered in various shapes and designs. We supply and print shower timers that vary from hourglass to a timer in the form of a drop. We've also got a nice gift with a shower coach together with a saving shower head, to let your clients save even more. Such a beautiful gift must of course be printed with your own text or logo. That is why all our shower coaches can be printed in one to four different colours. Leave a lasting impression on your clients with this responsible merchandise.


Order shower timer printed

You can easily order your branded shower coaches via our website, although you can always request a quote first. After ordering, you can upload your logo and we will start working on a nice digital proof. We won't start the printing process until you have approved of the printing proof.


Have you got any questions about the shower coach printed with your logo? Please contact Laura Ruitenberg at +31342 745776 or