Energy saving products with logo

Do you find it important to take care of today’s world and the world of the future? Do you fight for a better environment? Being careful with nature does not mean that you have to give up on comfort. The durable products of Greengiving prove this, because they help to save water, energy and money at the same time.

Solar Chargers

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Mini shower coach

letterbox format | cheap

From 10 April



Energy costs meter

Gives an insight in your energy consumption

From 8 April



Digital Timer

Can be printed with your logo or text

From 8 April



Energy saving box small

Saving water and energy

From 8 April




Save the earth with these products

Saving is hip, but also very necessary. That is why we have compiled saving boxes that you can give away to your relations. This contains products that help your relations save energy, water and time. LED lights, shower coaches or a refrigerator thermometer: they all help maintain a sustainable lifestyle. In addition to energy saving boxes, we also have an extensive range in power banks and solar chargers. And if it wasn't enough, the energy costs meter is also available to surprise your relations. With this wide range you have every choice to let relationships save money and to be good for the environment!


Time, money and energy saving products printed

Even though this promotional gift has a good cause, it is and remains an excellent opportunity to promote your company. Especially in combination with a sustainable gift, this can work very well, because your name is linked to an environmentally friendly approach. In this way you give your reputation a boost! This is only possible if you have the desired item printed. All saving products can be printed with your logo or text in up to four different colors. With a number of products there is also a wrap around it that can also be designed as desired and printed in full color. Such a personalized gift always works well with your relations, customers or employees!