Green promotional gifts

Greengiving offers a wide range of green corporate gifts, which of course is not surprising. Discover our range of growing and blooming business gifts and promotional items. These gifts are not just eco-friendly, but also green-coloured. Many of these flowers, plants and trees are suitable for a mailing. And it's a perfect and original way to surprise your business relations.

Promotional plants, flowers and other growables

Are you looking for a special promotional gift that matches your company identity? Look at nature, and surprise your (potential) clients with an original eco-friendly gift. How about forget-me-nots ('Looking for a ..., don't forget us!') or seed paper or seed packets with a cheerful mix of summer flowers? All our green promotional gifts can be branded with your own logo, text or website. This makes the sustainable products even more personal. When you value a good life as a company, this implicates a green lifestyle as well.


Printed flower bulbs, seed packets and growing paper

Browse through our category with green promotional gifts for lots of inspiration. You will find nature based, growing products such as flower bulbs and seed packets. These products are the way to go when you want to give something special. Our seed paper is also a very original product. This double-layered plantable paper contains flower seeds or herbs, and can be put into the soil. After a while, the seeds will germinate and the flowers and herbs start growing. The great thing about the seed paper is the fact that we offer it in lots of different sizes and types, and it can be printed with your logo or personal message. Other unique products are pencils with seeds, flower pots and watering cans.


Order green promotional gifts with logo

Have you made your choice yet? In that case you can easily order the products online. Of course you can also request a quote first. Once you've sent the artwork, we make a digital printing proof. We won't start printing until you have approved of the printing proof. 


Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with Job Pater through +31342 745 772 or We're happy to help!