Greengiving is a member of trade association PPP

Greengiving recently became a member of Promotional Products Professionals (PPP), the organisation for promotional products companies. In particular, for companies that want to visibly contribute to strengthening the industry. PPP is continuously engaged in professionalising the business, promoting professional knowledge and striving for active companies committed to environmental sustainability.


Greengiving accredited

Greengiving likes to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of promotional products. We also consider it important to keep enriching our professional knowledge through education and information. We make an annual effort to earn accreditation points and actively contribute to the flourishing of the profession. Greengiving therefore meets all the conditions for membership and may carry the PPP quality seal. This shows that we make a difference.


Strict conditions

To become a member of PPP, Greengiving must meet the strict conditions of the PPP quality label, including signing the Code of Conduct. Through active participation, we also earn annual accreditation points. The accreditation system for membership consists of the following pillars:

1. Knowledge & skills

2. Sustainability & social business

3. Commitment to the industry


Cooperation with EcoVadis

Regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR), PPP has gone hand in hand with the widely recognised certification of EcoVadis. This assesses the sustainability performance of companies by independent experts. When making choices, Greengiving looks for opportunities to act in a more environmentally friendly way. Last year, we again received the Platinum medal for this, the highest level achievable. Want to know more about EcoVadis? Read our blog about this international sustainability rating.


Code of Conduct

To become a member of PPP, we signed the Code of Conduct. By doing so, Greengiving declares to pay attention to and respect the environment and people's rights. Compliance with laws and regulations is also an essential component for us. The Code of Conduct aims to ensure that we act ethically and responsibly as a company.


                                  See the Code of Conduct here