Seed paper

Seed paper (also known as growing paper or plantable paper) is a unique product with endless possibilities. It's available in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses. How about a flyer, card or even a bag made of seed paper? With this plantable paper, you will stand out and leave a lasting memory with both your relations and potential customers. 

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What is seed paper?

It's already in the name. Seed paper consists of two thin paper layers with seeds in between. After the paper has been used, it can be put into the soil and after a while, beautiful flowers will start growing. The growing paper can be printed with your logo, text or customised design. You can also order unprinted seed paper, in volumes from 25 and up. According to us, seed paper is unique, sustainable and a great way to bring your message!


Seed paper thickness

Plantable paper is available in two types: 120 gsm en the more sturdy version of 200 gsm. Both types are perfectly suitable for cards and bags. It can be printed on both sides. The 200 gsm paper is handmade, so the amount of seeds can vary per sheet.


Seed paper sizes and shapes

Growing paper is available in sizes A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 and DIN-lang. Apart from the standard sizes, the seed paper can also be supplied in any customised shape, thanks to our special cutter. Greengiving also has other seed paper products, such as bookmarkers, business cards and coasters. And how about a seed paper calendar of bag? As you can see, we keep looking for new opportunities, because the possibilities are endless. Have you got a great idea? We'd be happy to hear it!


How to use seed paper

Everyone can use it and make it work. That's the great thing about seed paper. Put it into the soil, moisturize and wait for the seeds to start growing. This sounds simple, but you're probably wondering how to get the best result. Check out this blog and you will read everything you need to know!


Which seeds are available?

The seed paper contains seeds for summer flowers by default. In most cases, you can also opt for other seeds, such as cress, thyme, carrot, lettuce, daisy, poppy and forget-me-not. At each product page you will find the options for the specific product you're looking at. Are you interested in knowing when to plant which seeds? Check out our calendar for sowing seed paper.


Have you got any questions about seed paper? Please get in touch with Job Pater through +31342 745772 or We're happy to help!