Sprout pencils

Looking for a unique pencil? Then choose the Sprout! At the top, the Sprout contains a capsule with seeds. Is the pencil too small to write with? By inserting the pencil into the ground, cheerful flowers or herbs will bloom in no time. The pencils can be engraved with your text or logo for a nice giveaway.

From 100 pieces

Sprout pencil with seeds

in stock | full colour and engraving

From 30 June



Sprout pencil

10 types of seed | growing

From 22 July




Sprout pencil tree

in stock | filled with spruce

From 5 July



Sprout packaging - 1 piece

For 1 pencil

From 22 July



Sprout packaging - 3 pcs

incl. 3 pencils

From 22 July



Sprout packaging - 5 pcs

From 22 July




Durable pencil with seeds

The Sprout is available with four different types of seeds: basil, cherry tomato, sunflowers or forget-me-nots. The pencil itself is made from sustainable wood with a biodegradable seed capsule. How does this innovative gift work? At first, it is simply a pencil and an excellent advertising tool, but at some point the pencil runs out and the remaining stump can be planted upside down (at a 45 degree angle) in the ground. Then moisten the soil so that the capsule dissolves and the seeds will germinate. How cool is it when your pencil is then transformed into beautiful flowers or delicious herbs? 


Personalize Sprout with logo

The Sprout pencil has a huge wow effect, making it a nice giveway for your customers and relations. We are happy to personalize your pencils with a luxurious engraving of your logo, text or slogan. A nice extra is that your engraved logo is double visible: as a pencil and next to the growing plants. The minimum purchase of the Sprout pencils is 100 pieces per seed choice. The pencils are delivered sharpened as standard. We have them in stock ourselves, so they can be delivered at lightning speed! Ideal as a last-minute giveaway.


Order eco-friendly Sprout pencils

You can order the Sprout pencils in different ways. You can order the pencils separately, but also in a special package of 1, 3 or 5 pieces. In this way you really give a gift with charisma. You can easily order the pencils online on our website. Of course you can also request a quote first.


Have you got any questions? Please get in touch with Laura Ruitenberg via +31342 745776 or Laura@greengiving.nl. We're happy to help!