• 12 June 2024
  • reading time 3 min.

6 sustainable giveaways for trade fairs and events

With summer just around the corner, festival season has already started for a while. Are you open to new experiences? Do you enjoy making contacts and like to have fun? Then the good news is: the season is not over yet. We list 6 sustainable gifts for events for you. The items also come in handy for trade fairs or other business meetings. Get inspired and go to your events well-prepared.

Whether you are organising an event yourself or going as a visitor, we are happy to give you a hand in finding the right promotional products. Of course, there are plenty of other sustainable items for events that will make people happy. Can we think along with you? Feel free to get in touch!


1. Sustainable festival wristbands

Wearing or handing out eco-friendly festival wristbands is a great way to show that you are forward-thinking. To be honest, most bands are thrown away quickly after the event. With a festival wristband made of sustainable material, you don't have to feel bad about that. Moreover, the bands are just a bit more original than the standard varieties. Choose a wristband made of biodegradable cork or recycled plastic. Or give bands made of seed paper and enjoy the blooming of beautiful flowers! Of course, all wristbands can be printed with your logo or text.


2. Personalised keycords

Do you like to contribute to a sustainable future? Believe it or not, at Greengiving even the keycords are made in a green way. Keycords or lanyards are indispensable at an event. With a print of your logo, you make your organisation highly visible. Because the keycords are available in various sustainable materials such as growing paper, RPET and cork, you can put them together according to your own wishes. When you go for a cotton keycord, you can be sure it will last you a long time. In other words, a simple step to make your event sustainable!


3. Badges made of bamboo or growing paper

It is very handy and personal to be able to call new contacts by name at trade fairs. With badges made of bamboo or seed paper badges, your staff will always be recognisable. These sustainable badges can be personalised by printing your own design. With a pin or combination clip, you can easily attach the badge to any type of clothing. The ideal way to show relations that you give high priority to sustainability.


4. Printed cotton bags

Looking for a fun giveaway with minimal environmental impact? Or would you like to give your staff or relations a spacious bag for a festival, for example? A cotton bag is a good idea! You are sure to stand out and show responsibility. Our collection consists of bags made of different materials. They are all of sturdy quality and therefore often reusable. Get your logo or company name printed in full colour on the cotton bags to increase your organisation's brand awareness. Whatever you choose, Greengiving is the right place for printed cotton bags.


5. Reusable water bottles

Staying hydrated during an event is extremely important. Which is nice if you use your voice a lot when making connections at a trade fair or singing at a festival. The choice is huge when it comes to water bottles, from the well-known Doppers to stylish stainless steel bottles. Such a practical and sustainable business gift always scores points. By printing your logo or text, you effectively and environmentally promote your brand and show that you care for the planet.


6. Growth paper business cards

A business card should be inviting and attract attention. With business cards made of growth paper, you will undoubtedly achieve this. Have you saved the contact details somewhere? Then just put the business card in the ground and after a while you will enjoy a cheerful mix of summer flowers. The cards are made of sturdy growth paper (200 gr./m2) and can be printed in full colour. A green way to network!


Do you have a trade fair or event planned soon? Then for more inspiration, take a look at our trade fair items and giveaways.