• 19 November 2021
  • reading time 2 min.

How to clean your Dopper bottle easily

The Dopper bottle has become quite popular. Today lots of people have got this stylish reusable bottle. Though as with everything, it gets dirty every now and then. So the question is: how do you best clean your Dopper? Luckily, that's quite easy, because the Dopper is dishwasher-safe. In this blog you can read everything about how to keep your Dopper clean.

Prevent dirt

The Dopper is a sustainable water bottle which is made to encourage people to drink tap water and stay away from plastic single-use bottles. You better don't put soft drinks or juices in this bottle, because it can cause damage. That's probably good to know before you use it!


Cleaning the Dopper

You can easily put the Dopper in the dishwasher. Be aware that you put all three parts individually in the machine, so everything is cleaned thoroughly. It's better not to put it next to dishes that aren't properly rinsed, because then your Dopper can get discoloured. Do you prefer to rinse your Dopper by hand? That's easy with a washing brush or a abrasive sponge. Do not use chemical cleaning products, because that might affect the taste. Thoroughly dry the bottle after washing and keep the three parts apart.


When it's not cleaned

In case your Dopper is still dirty, you can soak it in lukewarm baking soda. Rinse off with vinegar. You can get rid off the smell or taste by filling the botttle with hot water and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Don't forget to thoroughly dry it afterwards. Your Dopper will be as good as new!


Warning: do not boil the Dopper, because with temperatures above 65 degrees it can distort or worse, leak. In case you've got a printed Dopper, this can also get damaged when boiling. 


As you can see, cleaning your Dopper is easy! The great thing is that you can use it for a long time. That's exactly what Dopper wants, because this way you can save lots of plastic single-use bottles!