• 21 June 2021
  • reading time 3 min.

Make notes endlessly with the erasable Correctbook

Of course, we prefer to do as much digitally as possible, but sometimes a notebook is just very useful for writing something down quickly. The Correctbook notebooks are perfect to that end. The Correctbook is endlessly reusable thanks to the erasable pages. It is similar to a whiteboard, but with a writing experience like on paper. Read the story about this magical notebook!

Correctbook: write, scan and erase

Correctbook has come up with a way of using notebooks endlessly. The pages are made of erasable paper, like a whiteboard. You can write your notes, scan them with the Correctbook app and erase them with a (damp) cloth or the eraser that is on the marker. Because the same notebook can be used indefinitely, it saves heaps of money and paper. That's a real sustainable thought, isn't it?




Help the fight against illiteracy

Correctbook also has a social mission. When buying a Correctbook, 1 child in Africa is provided with writing materials for three months. The goal is to have 1 million kids provided with writing materials by the end of 2023. These schools are often located in poorly accessible areas in South Africa, Nicaragua or Nigeria, which means they cannot be supplied in the usual way. Correctbook visits those schools to provide the children with lifelong writing materials. This way, they can learn to write and illiteracy is prevented with your Correctbook purchase!


Read the story of Correctbook on our special Correctbook brandpage.



Correctbook customised gift

The Correctbook notebooks are available in various sizes from A4 to A7. Your company name or logo can be printed on the front. You can also opt for a fully customised design, which is of course great to promote your company. A Correctbook is perfectly suitable as practical, sustainable gift for your staff, clients or customers!




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