Printed lunch boxes and cutlery sets

The most sustainable option to bring food in is still a lunch box. No plastic bags that need to be thrown away, but a reusable lunch box that lasts a long time. Greengiving's lunch boxes and cutlery sets go a step further in terms of sustainability because they are made from bamboo or wheat straw. Print or engrave them with your own logo for a beautiful business gift!


Bamboo cutlery set

In canvas pouch

From 1 October



Bamboo cutlery set

  • From 100 pieces

From 5 October




Glass lunch box

From 1 October



Lunchbox degradable

From 7 October



Lunchbox Sariul

stainless steel | 600ml

Temporarily unavailable



Sustainable bread bins

How do your relations and staff bring their lunch? If this is in a plastic bag, there is plenty of room for improvement. A sustainable alternative is the lunch box, especially if it is made of bamboo or bamboo fibre. This is a natural material that is not harmful to the environment. When you surprise your relations with a lunchbox, you inspire them to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. The lunch boxes are not only durable, but also beautiful and practical. For example, we have lunch boxes in different sizes and sizes from 700ml to 1400ml. Some have multiple compartments so that different foods remain well separated. In addition, several lunch boxes are equipped with a set of cutlery containing a knife, fork and spoon. In this way a complete and luxurious gift is created.


Lunchbox and set of cutlery with logo

All our lunch boxes made of durable bamboo fibre can be printed with your text or logo. This can be done on the top of the lunchbox for a striking result. Moreover, the lid is often made of bamboo, which enhances the durable look. In addition to lunch boxes with or without cutlery, there are also cutlery sets that come in a nice canvas pouch. This storage pouch can also be printed, so that you can also advertise with a cutlery set that is easy to take along with you. The cutlery is also made of bamboo and there may also be a bamboo straw to make it complete. Are you ready to give away such a lasting surprise in the form of a bread bin or cutlery set?


Order branded lunch boxes

Have you been able to choose a lunch box or a set of cutlery? If not, our sales specialist will be happy to help you. The quickest way is to order directly via the website, but you can also request a quote first. In any case, after you have uploaded your desired print, we will make a free digital proof. We will only start printing your order after you have approved the digital proof.


Have you got any questions about the bread bins, cutlery sets or the possibilities? Please get in touch with Laura Ruitenberg via +31342 745776 or