• 13 August 2018
  • reading time 4 min.

Save ink with eco-friendly fonts

Printing logos and texts is our core business. Because we like to do everything as sustainable as possible, we were wondering what to do about the vast use of ink. Interestingly, we found that fonts actually matter when it comes to this. In this blog we'll tell you a bit more about eco-friendly fonts that reduce the use of ink.

Why eco-friendly fonts?

Some fonts are not entirely printed, but have tiny blank spaces. As long as you keep fonts small, you won't notice that. This way, the fonts save lots of ink, which is of course a great thing. The inventor of Ecofont even said that if the font was used worldwide, 490 million ink cartridges would be saved each year. This implies reducing the CO2 emissions with 6,5 million tonnage, comparable to 15 million oil barrels. A good thing for the environment, but also great for saving money!


Which fonts save ink?

Two fonts are specially designed for saving ink: Ryman Eco en Ecofont. The first is free, the latter not. Ecofont also developed software that makes the five most-used fonts eco-friendly. You can even choose for making your corporate fonts eco-friendly. This way, you don't have to use the Ecofont, but you've still got an eco-friendly font!




Are there any eco-friendly standard fonts?

The Ecofont services are not free. The Ryman Eco font might cause trouble when reading, especially when it's really small. Do we have any other options? Yes, luckily we do. First, you can make sure to not choose a serif font, because these use extra ink. Times New Roman the exception tough, because of the thin lines. Sleek fonts such as Calibri and Century Gothic are good options as well. You can also save ink by avoiding bold texts. 


As said, fonts and ink seem small issues, but you can actually make a difference by using eco-friendly fonts. Don't only choose for eco promotional gifts, but also make sure to have them printed with eco-friendly fonts!