• 7 November 2022
  • reading time 3 min.

Original promotional item: a seed paper calendar

The 2022 calendar is almost done, which means it should be thrown away. For 2023 we've got a more eco-friendly idea: a calendar made of seed paper. As soon as two months are over, the sheet can be put into the soil and beautiful flowers start growing. The perfect green gift!

Seed paper calendar promotional gift

2023 is on it's way, which means it's almost time for a new calendar. Are you looking for something special? Something unique to give to your employees or colleagues? Then check out this blog. We've got a great item that'll definitely impress your staff or customers: the seed paper calendar. In other words: a growing calendar. Usually the calender is thrown away as soon as the year is over, but the sheets of this original calendar can be put into the soil. After a while, beautiful flowers or herbs start growing.


Seed paper calendar 2023

The calendar is available in 4 versions: seed paper calendar A6, seed paper desk calendarseed paper tear-off calendar and a seed paper calendar that can be hanged. All calendars have two months on each seed paper sheet, which means the calendar has 6 sheets. Every sheet comes with another seed mix, such as summer flowers, thyme or poppy.


Customised seed paper calendar 2023

You can have the calendar fully customised. If you prefer to start the week on another day, that's no problem. Would you like to add certain holidays? Just let us know, and we'll adjust the design. Of course you can add your logo. It's a great gift for your staff or colleagues, clients or customers. You'll certainly leave a lasting impression!