Branded cardboard USB sticks

Our cardboard USBs can be used for all sorts of events and marketing campaigns. When you choose a USB stick made from recycled cardboard, you'll show your clients that you are eco conscious. Have your cardboard USB printed with your logo and the result is a striking and environmentally friendly promotional gift that your clients or business relations will certainly be happy with!


Cardboard USB stick | Recycled

  • From 100 pieces

From 19 November




USB stick of cardboard

Turning mechanism | 16 GB

From 4 November




Recycled cardboard USB

Packed in a box | 16GB

From 4 November



Paper USB sticks with your logo

Cardboard or paper USB sticks are particularly suitable as promotional gifts or promotional items, as they can be printed with your own logo or text. This can be done through pad printing, where your logo is printed on the USB stick in up to three PMS colours. Some of our USBs can even be engraved or full colour printed. When your logo is on the USB stick, it is a great way of advertising and promoting your brand, because your relations or clients will find the USB very practical for everyday use. Greengiving also offers wooden USBs and USBs made of bamboo or wheat straw.


Eco USB stick cardboard

A cardboard USB stick fits with a green corporate image. Cardboard is a great sustainable alternative to plastic and is very suitable to show the world that you care about the environment. All our cardboard USB sticks are of high quality and have a great natural look and feel.


Order customized  eco USB sticks

After ordering your cardboard USB stick via the website, you will always receive a free digital proof. On this visual you can see where and how the logo is printed on the USB sticks, so that you can make adjustments if you want. Only when you have agreed, we actually start the printing process. So order your paper USB sticks today at Greengiving or request a quote first!


Do you have any questions about Cardboard USB sticks printed with logo? Please contact Laura Ruitenberg via +31342 745776 or We're happy to help or give advice!