Greengiving removes non-woven bags from product range

We decided to stop selling non-woven bags. Although non-woven bags are still better than plastic bags, nowadays there are better options, such as cotton bags, fairtrade cotton bags or other eco bags. Greengiving applies a strict product selection process and focuses on the best sustainable alternatives for plastic. This means non-woven bags no longer fit in our product range.

Non-woven bags vs cotton bags

The difference between non-woven bags and cotton bags is not very clear for everyone, so we'll explain this in the following paragraphs.


Non-woven bags

Non-woven material is made using spun and bond polypropylene fibres, without making threads first. This shortens the production process, which makes non-woven cheap and therefore appealing for promotional purposes. It's light-weight material that can be easily cleaned. Non-woven bags are reusable, though much less sustainable than cotton, which is a natural raw material. For detailed printing, non-woven isn't the best material to choose.


Cotton bags

Greengiving offers a large collection of cotton bags. Cotton consists of soft, single-celled fibers that grow from the epidermis of the seeds of the cotton plant. These fibers are spun into threads that make soft, breathable textiles. Cotton bags are very sturdy and can be printed more detailed than non-woven bags. The bag have a long lifecycle and can be reused over and over. Cotton is a sustainable natural product, though we are also aware of the downsides of cultivation cotton, such as the lare water consumption. That is why we are always looking for better options, even when it comes to cotton. For example Fairtrade cotton, organic cotton or recycled cotton. In this way we move step by step to the sustainable top.


Why choose cotton bags instead of non-woven bags?

To live up to our sustainability claim, Greengiving chose to focus on (Fairtrade) cotton bags and to withdraw non-woven bags from our product range. These were our considerations:


  • The production process of non-woven bags is very difficult to map out. This is possible, for example, with Fairtrade cotton bags or bags made from recycled cotton.
  • Non-woven bags are more durable than regular plastic bags because they are reusable. But that's all when it comes to sustainability. That's not the case with cotton, which is truly a renewable, biodegradable natural product.
  • Cotton bags are much stronger than non-woven bags. This is because non-woven bags are not woven and therefore wear out much faster than cotton bags. Cotton bags are much stronger and therefore last longer, which is better for the environment.


No more printed non-woven bags

From now on you can no longer buy printed non-woven bags at Greengiving. Are you looking for a good alternative to disposable plastic bags? Then we recommend choosing cotton bags, where Fairtrade cotton is of course an even better alternative. Cotton bags are available in different sizes, price ranges and colours... something for everyone! Have you got any questions? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists are happy to help!