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Growing paper is an original, still relatively unknown product. Growing paper or also seed paper can be used in many different ways. How about a mailing, flyers on growth paper or even a card! With eco growth paper you bring your message to the attention of your relations and / or (potential) customers in a green way.


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What is growing paper?

Growing paper or seed paper consists of 2 thin layers of paper with flower seeds in between. The seed paper can be printed with your logo, text and your own design. With the seed paper you not only give your relationship your message, but you also provide them with a cheerful mix of summer flowers. And it works out just as well, because people love flowers!


In addition to the thicker growing paper (+/- 200gr./m2), it is also possible to order thin growing paper (80gr./m2)

This paper is ideal for growing paper cards, business cards, envelopes, bags and bookmarks. This growing paper is handmade so thicknesses may vary slightly. In addition, the flower paper can be supplied printed in any desired shape. We are also always looking for original applications of growing paper. What do you think of this beautiful calendar? You see it: unlimited possibilities with the sustainable flower paper. Do you have your own idea for a box, envelope or something completely different? we like to help you! 



How does growth paper work?

Growing paper is made in such a way that when it is planted in soil, the paper composts under the right conditions and the seeds germinate. Of course we want to achieve that, but how do you ensure the best result? For this we have an extremely simple step-by-step plan that would give you spontaneous green thumb. You can read all about this on our blog.  

Which seeds are all possible?