Irregular shaped Seed Paper

You can, of course, obtain seed paper in any shape or size. can do more than just print the seed paper for you, we can also cut it into any shape you want. Are you looking for a business card with an irregular shape? Or something seasonal, such as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? Or a specific type of car? A butterfly? Ask Xiving for the options relating to your specific need. And it goes without saying that we will also gladly arrange the printing on this uniquely shaped seed paper.

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Seed Paper bookmark- 80gr./m2

Available from 100 pieces - 80 gr./m2

View product From € 0,27 per piece

Seed Paper bookmarker | 200 gr./m2

Available from 100 pieces

View product From € 0,36 per piece

Seed Paper Business Cards

the cheapest | 200 gr./m2

View product From € 0,36 per piece

Seed Paper Special

Ideal for mailing | 80 gr./m2

View product From € 0,35 per piece

Small Seed Paper bag

22 x 11 x 28 cm | 200 gr./m2

View product From € 1,38 per piece

Medium Seed Paper bag

26 x 12 x 35 cm

View product From € 1,54 per piece

Large Seed Paper bag

32 x 17 x 43 cm

View product From € 2,50 per piece

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