Irregular shaped Seed Paper

You can, of course, obtain seed paper in any shape or size. Greengiving can do more than just print the seed paper for you, we can also cut it into any shape you want. Are you looking for a business card with an irregular shape? Or something seasonal, such as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? Or a specific type of car? A butterfly? Please contact us at 0031 342 745 770 for the options relating to your specific need. And it goes without saying that we will also gladly arrange the printing on this uniquely shaped seed paper.


Bookmark- 80gr./m2

Available from 100 pieces - 80 gr./m2

From 14 August



Seed Paper Business Cards

the cheapest | 200 gr./m2

From 11 August




Seed paper coaster - 200 gr./m2

full colour printed | up to 250 pieces

From 11 August



Seed Paper bookmarker | 200 gr./m2

Available from 100 pieces

From 11 August



Growing paper cut - 80gr./m2

own design | from 2500 pieces

From 26 August



How does seed paper work?

There you are, with a piece of seedpaper in your hand. You have just given it away to your customers and now they are asking all kinds of question you have no idea about. Or maybe you received it from a business partner and you think it's a very nice idea, but you miss the green hands. No problem, we will help you out by telling exactly what you need to do to turn your seedpaper into a flower bed. Read the how to article here.