Eco pens printed with logo

Eco pens printed at Greengiving – a durable promotion gift first-rate. The eco pens at Greengiving are made of recycled material, wood, carton, bamboo or cornflour. The pens are an ideal promotion item for you as a company, due to the environment friendly look.


Wooden pen with bulge

unique design | engraving

From 8 December




Eco-friendly wooden pen

Full colour or engraving

From 8 December



Cork ballpoint with metal clip

made of cork | blue ink

From 14 December



From 100 pieces

Sprout pencil with seeds

in stock | full colour and engraving

From 10 December




Eco pens

The eco pens that can be printed at Greengiving are made of biodegradable material. This is made of resources as cornflour or recycled packages. 80% of the labour force writes daily with a ballpoint pen. Nice if a pen with your logo is at the office of your relationships!


Eco pens printed at Greengiving

The environment friendly pens from our assortment can be printed with your logo or text. The pens can be printed standard with 1 – 4 colours. Nowadays it is at different models also already possible to print the pen full colour. Your company name will come with print daily in the view of your customers.