Senz° storm umbrella printed

We have the original Senz° storm umbrella from which your relationships will become happy. Everyone knows it in The Netherlands: rain, wind and a broken umbrella. We have the solution by Senz° for this problem: the storm umbrella. A Senz° storm umbrella printed with your personal design gives that your relationships during and after each storm will be thinking happy of you!


Senz° smart

till 80km/h | limited edition

From 10 April



Senz ° Original

up to 100km / h | most sold

From 10 April



Senz° automatic

till 80km/h | foldable

From 10 April



Senz° umbrella as promotional gift

An umbrella is a powerful tool to keep in touch with your customers. 75% of the promotional gifts is more than half a year in possession of the owner. Hereby there are outliers, promotional gifts that will be in possession till 2 years. Umbrellas belong clear to these outliers! The umbrella is suitable for gusts of wind of 100km/h due to the unique model. The Senz° umbrella is handy in use due to the light weight and the sturdy handle.

Senz° printed with your company logo

Your Senz° umbrella printed with your company logo and slogan. By Greengiving there are different possibilities to personalize your Senz° umbrella. For example it is possible to print the polyester cloth on different positions. Next to this the handle can be equipped with a full colour doming sticker. The Senz° umbrella is delivered with a standard sleeve to store the umbrella safely. 


Senz° story

Did you know that traditional umbrellas are thrown away each year? Simply because they are not designed to withstand even the smallest wind gust. “I like to struggle with my umbrella”, said no one ever. Now, the era of inconvenient disposable products is over!


Born in the storm, our Dutch team designed the innovative high-quality Senz° umbrella which embodies stormproof excellence.

The patented aerodynamic shape of this storm umbrella acts similar to a wing, allowing the umbrella to withstand stormy winds.

All Senz° umbrellas float on the wind which makes them light and easy to hold, so you can love your journey wherever you go.


We are proud to have won all major design awards. We are even more proud of having Senz° fans all over the world supporting the battle against waste by choosing a sustainable product.


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin


Senz° sustainable umbrellas

1,100,000,000 umbrellas are thrown away EVERY YEAR! Simply because they break in foul weather. Few people realise what a mountain of trash that is. Every year. Again and again.


At Senz° we don’t take this pollution for granted. We looked at the total product life cycle and found that the biggest effect in terms of sustainability is gained from increasing the life span of an umbrella. Therefore, we are not focusing on short term green washing, but on creating real, long term value in our products. The materials in our umbrella (steel, fiber glass, aluminium, polyester, ABS) are in our opinion the best fit for the job they have to perform. So it is not about the eco-friendliness of the individual parts, it is about the sum of those parts.

Bringing sustainability to the world of umbrellas is not only about recycled PET canopies or bamboo handles, it is about changing the mindset.

We believe that an umbrella can be much more than a disposable product. We believe it can be a statement. A statement against a polluted world and a statement for taking responsibility.