Senz° storm umbrella printed

We have the original Senz° storm umbrella from which your relationships will become happy. Everyone knows it in The Netherlands: rain, wind and a broken umbrella. We have the solution by Senz° for this problem: the storm umbrella. A Senz° storm umbrella printed with your personal design gives that your relationships during and after each storm will be thinking happy of you!

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Senz° smart

till 80km/h | limited edition

View product From € 19,91 per piece

Senz original

Special storm umbrella

View product From € 31,22 per piece

Senz° automatic

till 80km/h | foldable

View product From € 34,05 per piece

Senz XL

Storm umbrella

View product From € 39,71 per piece

Senz° umbrella as promotional gift

An umbrella is a powerful tool to keep in touch with your customers. 75% of the promotional gifts is more than half a year in possession of the owner. Hereby there are outliers, promotional gifts that will be in possession till 2 years. Umbrellas belong clear to these outliers! The umbrella is suitable for gusts of wind of 100km/h due to the unique model. The Senz° umbrella is handy in use due to the light weight and the sturdy handle.

Senz° printed with your company logo

Your Senz° umbrella printed with your company logo and slogan. By Greengiving there are different possibilities to personalize your Senz° umbrella. For example it is possible to print the polyester cloth on different positions. Next to this the handle can be equipped with a full colour doming sticker. The Senz° umbrella is delivered with a standard sleeve to store the umbrella safely. 

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