Green gifts

Greengiving has a large range of – how could it be different - green gifts. Above you can find an oversight of our grow and bloom gifts and promotion articles that are not only durable, but also really green of colour. Flowers, plants and trees – whether or not suitable for mailing – to invest in your blooming or growing relationships.

Flower bulbs

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Grow and bloom

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Seed Paper

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Seed packets

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Biodegradable jars

2 jars | parsley and mint

From 4 February



Good giving, green giving

Good giving, green giving – think also of nature by ordering flower seeds gifts! Surprise your (potential) customers with an original green gift, for example a beech, forget-me-not or a bright sunny flower mix in seed paper or seed packets to toast on a blooming collaboration!


Flowers and bees: ambassadors for sustainability

A world without bees would be unthinkable for our biodiversity. The decreasing bee population is a reflection of the state of our environment and our society. Our seed bags and our seed paper are the perfect giveaways to get attention for this important situation. You can also use the seedpaper and seedpackets as a mailing. Printed with your personal design you will draw attention for sure.