Are you looking for a printed showercoach? Gain insight in the water consumption together with your relationships? This can by means of our shower coaches. Greengiving has a large assortment with different original showercoaches. You stimulate your relationships to be economical with water. You do not only save water with this, but also money!



In the form of a drop

From 10 March



Showercoach printed

What is a showercoach? A showercoach is a timer on which you easily can see how long your shower is taken. With this showercoach you soon can save dozens of euros per year. Our showercoaches can be ordered in the form and design as you want. We deliver and print showertimers that vary from hourglass till timer with a digital display. All our showercoaches can be printed with your logo or text.

Why a showercoach?

The average Dutch person takes a shower of 8,5 minutes at a time. If your customer abides by the timer of the showercoach, he soon saves 42 litres of warm water each time. I a household of three persons this can reach up to savings of 14.000 litres of water, 100 m3 gas and 125 euro per year.