Bamboo textile

The applications of bamboo are endless. Take for example the combination of bamboo with cotton, which results in a strong and durable textile. Among other things, t-shirts and tote bags are made from this material, which by the way feels wonderfully soft. If we now print your advertising on bamboo textiles, striking results are guaranteed!

Bamboo carrier bag with long handle

  • From 100 pieces
  • Material thickness: 105 gsm

From 25 June

Bamboo tote bag

  • From 250 pieces
  • Material thickness: 105 gsm

From 25 June

Bamboo socks

  • From 250 pieces

From 13 August


T-shirts and tote bags made of bamboo

Greengiving sells t-shirts and tote bags made from the textile that combines cotton and bamboo. The t-shirts are available in women's and men's versions and are made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Here bamboo is more durable than cotton, because less water is needed in production. That is why these t-shirts are more durable than 'normal' cotton shirts. The same applies to tote bags or carrier bags. You can choose from a carrier bag with long handles or a practical backpack with drawstrings that can be closed. The quality of the bags is 105 grams per m2, which results in a sturdy bag that can be reused many times. So the recipient himself also has an influence on the durability of the bag when it comes to reuse!


Durable textile printing

Advertising with a nice tote bag or backpack is not that difficult. You can print the bags with your text or logo in one to four different colours. The bright white background makes your print stand out! As for the t-shirts, you can choose from no less than eight different colours, allowing you to choose exactly the colour that suits your company. Printing a bamboo textile product creates a business gift that is extremely suitable to give away to business relations, customers or staff. The originality and durability of a printed t-shirt or tote bag will ensure that the recipient is pleasantly surprised and will (re)use it often. Moreover, you will show a piece of awareness with which you can inspire the recipients to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Ordering bamboo textiles

Bamboo textiles are very special and it is therefore understandable if you have become enthusiastic about one of the products. Ordering is fortunately very easy via the website or via a request for a quotation.


Do you still have questions or are there any uncertainties about bamboo textile products? Feel free to call or e-mail contact the product specialist.