Eco USB sticks

Eco USB sticks are very handy and are still used daily by thousands of people, though it seems like everyone only works with the cloud. The USB sticks of Greengiving are made of recycled plastic, cardboard, wood or biodegradable material. These materials provide green and durable products. This makes them also to original and attractive gifts. Therefore we go and stand at Greengiving.


Bamboo USB 2GB


From 18 June



USB | FSC Sycamore wood

Printed or engraved with your logo

From 5 June



Eco USB sticks printed

USB sticks are thoroughly suitable as gift or promotion article when you let the USB print in one or more colours. Or would you prefer to engrave your USB by means of laser beams? If you choose for print with ink, than you can choose your own colours. If you choose engrave, than the engraving will take the base colour.