Apple with logo

A healthy promotional gift, which is original at the same time: the apple with logo! A delicious and healthy gift for business relations. Xiving offers two possibilities: 

  1. Printing the apple 
  2. Engraving the apple
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Apple with sticker

full colour print

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Used wooden applebox with logo

Full color print

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Printing apple with logo

A new printing technique allows us to print apples. We use edible ink. As the apple’s skin will not be damaged, you can store it longer. A printed apple can be stored during 3-4 weeks (cool temperature).

Engraving apple with logo

Engraving the apple with your logo, is the more traditional technique. Your logo will be engraved in the apple’s skin by means of laser beams. Both techniques guarantee a very sharp result. You can store the engraved apple during 2 weeks. 


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